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Energy Report Jan 15 – 24: The Dance of Light & Shadow


Energy Report Jan 15 – 24: It has been a dance of Light & Shadow since late December. We are in Shift. Every aspect of our Being is in flux whether we are conscious of it or not. With that, because of the internal shifts taking place – our lives may not be proceeding at the pace we visualized for the New Year. The year is still young – so please breathe through any feelings of constriction. This cycle can actually play in your/our favor if worked with. Firstly, we must know that there remains an undercurrent of anger /fear energy that is subtly impacting us all. That anger is in response to feelings of limitation and restriction individually & collectively. Everyone is feeling a bit sensitive about something now – at the very least. It is important for us to check in to see where we are feeling that anger, constriction, heaviness etc…. That energy is coloring our perspective and leaking into other areas of our lives – more likely our partnerships. When we apply anger toward those feelings – we are also feeding the fear that we are not enough and the belief that there is limitation. It would benefit us to use this brief cycle to revisit our plans, determine the steps that support it, and attend to the details. Impatience and recklessness do not build a stable foundation for our future.

More importantly, it is time to get clear with ourselves. We cannot birth a new beginning from patterns of Being that no longer work. What aspects of ourselves and our beliefs no longer serve who we desire to Become? What habits should we allow to die? What new habits can we implement now that will support our Best Selves? Deep healing is possible during this cycle. Some of us may experience significant endings (saying goodbye to the old us, leaving a job or a partnership, relocating). If any of these occur – please have faith. They are much needed on a soul level so that a Truer You can step forward. Robert Holden’s words resonate with this time:

“One new Perception,
one fresh Thought,
one act of Surrender,
one change of Heart,
one leap of Faith,
can Change your Life Forever.”

Blessed New Beginnings. You are much Loved!

~ Diana

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Full Wolf Moon Energy Update: Jan 4 – Jan18, 2015



The full moon of Jan 4, 2015 falls in the sign of Cancer. It is also called the Wolf Moon. That name seems appropriate for this timeframe, as wolf is known as a powerful ally in many traditions.  The teachings of wolf draw our attention to issues of communication, family/ancestral influences and healing, social values, and freedom over the first 2 weeks of the New Year.

This moon is rather intense as it is in emotional Cancer. It provides us a mirror of understanding for all of our relationships.  This includes the relationships we have with those close to us,  how we interact with the world, and of course ourselves.  It would benefit us to look at the quality that we put into all of those areas. What are you willing to share of yourself? What do you hide or hold back from sharing? Why? What do you expect from others? Why?   There are other  planetary influences that contribute to the opportunity for spiritual/emotional breakthroughs. As an example, Uranus squares this Full Moon. Uranus can point us to  areas where we are emotionally disconnected.  The energies of Cancer and the archetype of the Wolf also help us to identify what familial patterns and/or the emotional attachments to our stories or past  that require letting go of. We are encouraged to move through what rises to the surface during this time rather than to shut down.  Dr. Brene Browne eloquently sums up the power and the beauty of this period:

~ Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky… but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy ~ the experiences that make us the most vulnerable.  Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the Infinite Power of our Light. ~

The Full Moon illuminates our shadow – the side of ourselves that we may have buried.  Shadow illuminated becomes an opportunity for profound healing if we work with it.  Coaching, counseling, and any healing work is greatly supported by this influence. These next 2 weeks are a time of self-understanding as we work toward owning our Shadow and our Light. It would benefit us to focus upon: clearing up the remnants of unfinished business or issues  of 2014;  attending to the neglected parts of ourselves; looking to ways to foster greater heart intimacy in relations; releasing what no longer serves; and looking at the areas of ourselves that need to shift in order for us  to grow.

This is an important juncture as we embark upon the journey of 2015. What we do or do not do sets the tone for the rest of the year. Be gentle with yourself. Release judgment of self, circumstances, and others. Rather vow to be teachable. Allow this time and its energies to support your commitment to your potential. We are still integrating what we learned in 2014 about ourselves and our world.  Cooperate with the power of this auspicious Full Moon so that you may reclaim your personal power in 2015!  Journal and allow yourself some quiet time to reconnect to Source/The Divine. The next two weeks are a time of thoughtful inner work, learning new strategies for dealing with old issues, and rededicating ourselves to our values. Those willing to do the inner work will discover untapped potential and inner strength. Be open to learning, new experiences, teachers, and new allies. Trust that we are being guided to the next stage of our evolution.

Blessings on the Journey, my friends!


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Autumnal Equinox – Repost from Sept 21

libra                                                                                          Libra by Josephine Wall


Happy Autumnal Equinox!

A powerful Pluto Retrograde cycle ends as we embrace the potent potential of the Autumn Equinox and the  upcoming Libra New Moon!

The Autumnal Equinox occurs Sept 22, 2014 at 10:29 pm ET. It signals the beginning of Fall and a shift in the light. The ancients celebrated the Harvest and paid homage to the Sun for its life giving power. During this time, they also set aside the seeds for the new crops in the spring. The Equinox is a time to reflect upon the process by which we create our own realities. It is also a check-point on our journey so that we may review our personal harvests, make necessary adjustments, and discern which seeds we want to carry forth.

We have been working through some rather intense Pluto Retrograde energies since April. Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld (our sub-conscious) challenges us to look inside ourselves.  This is deeply uncomfortable for most of us because Pluto calls us out of the safety zone of our personal stories.  It, many times requires a complete breakdown of the old ways or for a radical change in perception before we can move forward. As Pluto shifts direct, we continue to be asked to pay attention to the areas of our life where we are at war with ourselves or perceive that we are at war with others.  Look to these instances as teacher/helpers. Their purpose is to reset our internal compass so that we can shift our perceptions.  The best way to navigate these resets is to:  Slow down.  Return to your Heart Center.  Observe and work through the emotions aroused.  Breathe thru resistance.  Look for the lessons.  Hold to the knowing that each of us is being guided to a higher expression of ourselves and a truer balance point.

At the Equinox, it is appropriate that we honor the experiences that we’ve gathered along our personal journey. They provided us the impetus to grow in Self-Awareness as we cultivate the skills to lead more balanced, loving, and empowered lives.

The Libra New Moon follows on the heels of the Fall Equinox on Sept 24th. Libra rules harmony, balance, and right relationship. She bears both the Sword of Illumination and the Scales of Truth/Balance. The Libra Moon favors actions that support healthy self-expression, that move us from a struggle mindset to cooperation and those that invite in more harmony to our lives. Libra upholds our efforts to clarify our seeds (thoughts/beliefs/actions) so that we may move into new levels of awareness and living. The energies of Potential and New Beginnings are greatly magnified by this Libra New Moon.  We are encouraged to work with the energies of this window of power to cultivate authentic relationships and birth our True Selves.

Libra’s brilliance shepherds us into the next 3 months. In December, our Harvest is revealed as the results of how we have chosen to apply the gifts of this very creative and potent cycle.Blessings on the Journey, my friends.

Wishing you the Gifts of Emergence and Expansion!


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Navigating the Discomfort Zone

 abuse                                                                                            art courtesy:  Aricidia

Violence against women is not just an NFL issue or the stuff of tabloids. It is a very real societal disease that some would rather not face. Addressing the issue of violence against women takes us deeply out of our comfort zones. It can challenge our view of the world, bring up fears, activate painful memories, or cause us to fallback on our prejudices or religious dogmas to explain it away. Gender violence is a national and global pandemic. Studies reveal that 1 in 3 women suffer from abuse in their lifetime. These stats alone should shake us out of our comfort zone. Each of us probably knows someone who was abused/ is abused or whose life was impacted by abuse. Some of us have been the abused. And, there are many that continue to suffer silently in shame and fear. They are the unheard voices who fear that their truth will be denied or twisted. Sadly, in our society, women/girls continue to be demoralized by having to shoulder the responsibility for abuse. Violence against women is an appalling human rights violation but also a violation of the Sacred within each of us. That violence not only affects our minds/bodies but our psycho/spiritual neurology, as well. The imprint of that violence is carried forward to impact our children and future generations. Consider it a form of spiritual PTSD. Violence against women cannot be eradicated without first allowing its voice to be heard. Healing begins with a dialogue that honors the truth of the experience. We must also review and rewrite the values of our culture and the societal constructs that birthed the soul wound of violence.

Violence within a society can only become OK when we choose to “not see” others as Human Beings. This turns a person or group of people into an “object” – an object to be conquered, used, abused, or discarded. Violence against the object becomes justifiable through the distorted lens of the abuser. In violence, we are disconnected from the Source (Love) We have forgotten Who We Are.

The Ray Rice story and the epidemic of other injustices in the news are not by chance. The stories of gender, racial, political, and religious violence are coming to our collective attention for a Purpose. The next steps of our Soul Evolution call for us to take the steps to heal our soul wounds rather than perpetuate them further by repeating our scarred history. The question of this time is: Who Are We? We are greater than what has come before.

The wound is the place where the Light enters You. ~ Rumi


Let there be Light!

With Hope,



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Full Moon Energy Update: Pisces Super Moon Sept 8, 2014

Art courtesy: M. Welti

Today we greet the Pisces Full Moon – another Super Moon. The moon rules the tides and Pisces is water. The ocean tides may be higher over the next days as well as the tides of our own sensitivities. All full moons illuminate the issues that have settled into the bottom of the pond of our Consciousness. Observe what rises to the surface of your attention. It is a call to heal. We have processed thru a challenging summer. Because of this and the current moons influence – we may be walking our wounds (by misdirecting our anger unto others) these next days. Be self-aware and temper your actions accordingly. This Super Moon coupled with assistance from Chiron supports our own healing, the healing of family or relationship schisms, and the healing of ancestral wounds. You may create a release and forgiveness prayer/ritual to support this work. The other person’s permission or presence is not required to heal. You may release situations and others to Light and forgive yourself and all involved. Ask your angels what beliefs, patterns, feelings, wounds require letting go. Allow this Love to be the key to self-understanding. Write out the release from your heart. Light a candle if you desire. Invite the Light from Source into your heart during this Release and Blessing. Release is non-attachment to an event, an outcome, and it allows us to let go of what is unhealthy – whatever form it takes. Blessing acknowledges that there was purpose to what occurred, even if all the answers have not arrived yet. It also acknowledges the Loving Support that is available to us if we “Let Go & Allow Universe” to work. Release the ashes with gratitude to Mother Earth. Stand or sit in the moonlight. Allow Grand Mother Moon’s Light to fill you with Grace. Allow the watery power of Pisces to wash over you and replenish your soul. All work done tonight supports regeneration and our stepping into our True Selves.

Real Change occurs when we allow ourselves to see ourselves as we really are – and we Love ourselves anyway. The month of September can be a powerfully healing time.

May You embrace the Magick of this Moment!

In Love & Light,


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How to Tame Your Dragon: The Path of the Hero


Heroes take journeys, confront dragons,
and discover the Treasure of their True Selves. ~ Carol Pearson

I was told by a friend many years ago that change is good. At the time, I did not want to hear those words. In my mind, I was facing an insurmountable dragon – deep change. Fear had taken hold. I had  temporarily forgotten how many mountains I’d already climbed and dragons I’d  faced. And,  how I had even  befriended many of those  dragons.  In between bouts of fear – I  pondered my friends words.  To shake off my angst, I decided to write a chronicle of all the dragons/challenges that  I’d faced in my  life thus far. The exercise  helped me realize that I was still standing and how much wisdom I had earned along the way. To often in times of change or challenge, we lend too much credibility to our fears and not enough to ourselves. When we are in worry or fear – we forget to give voice to the gifts from the roads that we have traveled before. The purpose of the journey is to  grow.  Our first challenge is to find our Faith in the seeming dark. From that point,  we  move forward to gain clarity; gather strength; develop tenacity; compassion;  and other tools for living.

As we embark upon the heroes journey  – let us remember that Change challenges us to “Be better than we think we are capable of”.  That is what heroes do – they reach beyond their expectations of  themselves – to find the Treasure within.   

These last months have been  intense but they have also held great potential and promise. Truths have been unearthed and we, at times, have felt shaken to the core.  These events  provide us the opportunity to look within and begin again. Some keys to moving forward:  Release judgment. Embrace your Light and your Shadow. Slow down your reactions.  Move from your Center.  Make quiet time for yourself to balance and recharge.  Allow yourselves to open up to Light and Love in a more conscious way. Consider this: breakdowns  many times bring breakthroughs. Our journey is supported in more ways than we know.

You are very much Loved!



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Happy Wesak! Celebrating the Buddha Full Moon of May 14th


Happy Wesak – today we celebrate the Buddha and his Enlightenment. Wesak is celebrated as the most powerful Full Moon of the year. It is said that Buddha and the Christ Consciousness return on this date to bring new Light to the world and to help us align with the Christ within.  We are reminded  that we are One with the Divine and with all of Life.

The timing of this moon is particularly important right now, as each of us are challenged to look deeper  at ourselves and the world. The wave of planetary changes has brought much to the surface to be assessed and balanced.  Collectively and individually, we struggle with conflicting desires – the desire to be safe and the desire to grow beyond what we are. We are also faced with two realities: Humanity’s power to destroy as well as our power to heal, transform, and transmute.  Which power shall we choose? Our choices have long term effects on all of Life. We share the same physical and spiritual eco-system with Earth.

The message of the Buddha Full Moon is to embrace the Light and the fullness of our Spiritual Being. We are urged to see the Truth in the fullness of this moon. Perhaps, we may come to realize that  we have allowed ourselves to become human doings (trapped in stuff, defined by stuff, and manipulated by the fear of not having enough stuff).  With that, the question now becomes not who stole my stuff but rather what have I allowed to steal  my very Being (my Soul).  This robbing of our essential selves has left us feeling empty – even depressed. Many of us are now beginning to recognize that nothing material can fill that void because it is our  Spirit/Soul  that requires nourishment. We  require spiritual, emotional, and physical sustenance in order to be whole. To recognize this is the beginning of Healing. This moon asks us to return to our Human Beingness – to exercise compassion with self and others. We are urged to practice loving kindness, forgive, look beyond our individual ego needs, walk gently upon Mother Earth, & to give gratitude. We are often blind to the gifts/beauty/love right before our eyes. It is only thru these practices that we find meaning & joy in our lives.

“We cultivate Love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known, and when we honor the Spiritual Connection that grows from that offering with trust, respect, kindness and affection. Love is not something we give or get; it is something that we nurture and grow, a connection that can only be cultivated between people when it exists within each one of them – we can only love others as much as we love ourselves.” ~ Brené Brown

In the Light of this most gracious moon, we are encouraged to re-examine the relationship that we have with ourselves and with the Divine. We are guided to forgive ourselves for believing in the lies of separation and lack and to see ourselves as Heaven does –  Eternally Loved, Loveable, and Worthy. How would your/our world change if you/we lived by that Truth?

May the Beauty & Light of this Buddha Full Moon illuminate your Path and the richness of your Soul!




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Pre-Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Energy Update, April 12 -14


Many of my clients have asked me to share a few words about the energy of April. Our sensitivities have been increasing since the Vernal Equinox and the Aries New Moon. The intensification of energies has thrown us off balance. I’ve been spending every morning outdoors to ground and recharge. I’ve also had periods of requiring deep sleep and some nights – I require only a few hours. Each of us will respond differently to the energy impulses. Ground yourself. There is a collective restlessness in the air and we must find a healthy outlet for the energy. Some people are acting out in imbalanced ways –  as evidenced by the recent violence’s reported by the news. Do not contribute to the current fear dynamic. What is going on is deeper and more profound than some would like us to know.

The current energy cycle is bringing our conflicting desires to the forefront – “the desire of the mind to simply do what we’ve been doing” and “the desire of the Soul that asks us to go deep so that we may grow”.  The Soul’s message for us is that it is time that we realize that we can no longer exist on the surface of things or skim over the buried emotions (subconscious drivers) that dominate how we interact in relationship and make the choices we make. These buried emotions/drivers cause us to  react to Life rather than be fully Present and responsive. This weekend, the energy intensity lightens a bit. The dynamic is still present but is more subtle. The purpose of this weekend is for us to breathe, self-adjust, and to look at the choices we are making. The period of  April 14 – April 29  will be felt in a much larger way. It would be important to “Ask your Soul what it requires”. Still your mind and  listen/feel what  your Soul has to share with you.  What have you been denying?  Afraid of letting go of? Or, of moving toward? Sit with these. Open up your heart and allow your Soul to speak. It whispers for us to grow. Any positive and long lasting change comes from the Soul/Heart. For many, the past is coming up in memories, dreams, or we may be reliving it in some aspect of our life.  These are interesting times of great potential. I feel that we can choose to use the energy to breakthrough  our individual self-created barriers and to collectively implement positive changes that benefit the citizens of Mother Earth.

Blessings on the Journey, my friends!


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Aries New Moon March 30th – Energy Update

fire moon

Within ourselves we all have the gifts and talents we need to fulfill the Purpose we’ve been
Blessed with. ~ Steve Maraboli 

The New Moon in Aries kicks off the astrological new year  and  is one of the years most powerful new moons. We are in a time of awakenings and new beginnings. This moon ushers in a period of revolutionary transformation. Aries is fire energy and it is never dull especially this Spring! All that we “thought we were” is being called to the forefront  so we may experience a deeper awareness of Truth and what our Potential is.  This requires some self-awareness and letting go.  For that, Aries lends us his Warrior Courage and his Faith. We have been led to believe that we are merely a body and an ego (needs). And, this untruth has been our primary mode of interacting with Life for thousands of  years. As of the last 3 years, humanity has been on a rather intense path of deprogramming. The way has not been smooth as the program has been passed down from generation to generation. In our collective fear/resistance, we sometimes try to recreate what “was”  because it is all that we have been led to believe is – reality. This moon and the month of April bring winds of change that encourage us to explore a  new way of Thinking, Being, and Living in the world.  It is Good!

Deep in our bones – each of us feel a call to change. The momentum has been building up for a while. Many of us feel it as an energy surges/slumps, a deep questioning of purpose, or restlessness that needs to express itself.  I am encouraged to ask you not to misunderstand this call by rushing to change the outer form of your life without thought. That is not a lasting change….merely a cosmetic one.  Real and lasting change occurs Within us first – Always!  It starts with self- reflection, a release of some sort, and moves to a change of heart/perspective that clears the way for positive and sustainable new beginnings.

This moon is potent. It asks that we dig deeper and get to the root of it!  Many of us think of new beginnings in a limited way. We focus on what we want to manifest in the physical. The Aries New Moon asks us to allow ourselves to Grow  and Go deeper.  The gift and challenge of Aries is – What do you put behind the words I am? Does it reflect your best and do your actions support this vision of yourself?  Powerful!  Think on these. Then, allow yourself to move forward a bit to future creation.  Reflect upon your new beginnings in this manner:  “Who do I aspire to Become?”  or  “ What kind of person do I aspire to Be?”.  Within those questions are the “Seed Qualities” or the foundation of anything that you Desire to Create.  Who you are is not separate from what you create. Your creations are a reflection of you.  Those questions may lead us to this last one:  “What do I need to change in order for me to Be the person that I aspire to be?”  Take note of what comes us and commit to that change.  It charges and reaffirms to the Universe – your aspirations. Then, plant your seeds/intentions with Love.  You and your Dreams are worthy of your time and attention.

We have been feeling the fiery energies of the Aries New Moon even before its arrival.  Its’ influence will last several days. The Aries Moon can prove to be potentially volatile if we are not self-aware. Emotions may run high. We may be on edge, over-react to situations, and words may be misunderstood.  Do not engage in senseless battles (imbalanced Aries). No one wins. Go outside, ground, meditate, or simply breathe instead. Use the impetus of this moon as fuel for your journey.  Aries fire is Holy Fire if we work with it properly.  It encourages us to align with the Light Warrior that resides within us. The Aries New Moon facilitates greater self-expression. It’s fire clears the way and its’ creative force nourishes the seeds of our highest aspirations.

May you Grow, Thrive, &  Live in Joy!




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Hope Springs Eternal courtesty of Josephine Wall

Hope Springs Eternal:  Josephine Wall

To See yourself and the world clearly – look thru the eyes of the Heart! ~ Diana

 “In short beautiful souls, we remind you to move from the Heart.  The rest of this year will be a higher vibrational continuation of the changes begun 18 months ago…. The rise of the Divine Feminine energies continues – many will emerge from the sleep of forgetfulness and awaken to Light. The challenges that you have seen thus far serve to dismantle the precepts and structures that have held Earths citizens back from cultivating a deeper Humanity – a Soul based way of living in harmony with all of Life. You, my children, are being ushered out of what you have been led to believe is Real –  into what is the True Reality. Those of you, and there are many awakening souls indeed, who focus upon holding steadfast in a Loving stance will greet/meet each change, even those that may be temporarily challenging –  as yet  another milestone in  Earth’s evolution. All of you are on the Hero’s journey. I smile as I say this – as you may not always feel like the hero in the world that has been created. Dorothy did not feel much of the hero either when facing the witch.  But, we know what happened to the witch.  Please remember, that there are a myriad of Light Beings helping, guiding, and holding the space of Love for each of you. We are committed to your/Earth’s journey – for it is not just your journey – it is ours. Please remember this, Dear Hearts: Love is based upon your ability to Trust in – Believe in – and Live in a reality beyond your the illusion that you see before you.  To trust – to continue to work & play towards your best Self is not merely fanciful thinking. There is a Greater Truth – a Greater Wisdom & Love interwoven in the fabric of your Lives. You are being lovingly guided. You are not alone. Remember, Grandmother Moon (Divine Feminine) and the stars illuminate your way in the dark night, physically and spiritually. And, we lovingly remind you that the Sun (Divine Masculine & the Christed Consciousness) is shining & present even when you cannot see it. Go gently into the world – go as Your True Self! You are Greater and more Beautiful than you Know.  And, we Love you dearly!”
~ Mother Mary and Kuan Yin, via Diana

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