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How to Tame Your Dragon: The Path of the Hero


Heroes take journeys, confront dragons,
and discover the Treasure of their True Selves. ~ Carol Pearson

I was told by a friend many years ago that change is good. At the time, I did not want to hear those words. In my mind, I was facing an insurmountable dragon – deep change. Fear had taken hold. I had  temporarily forgotten how many mountains I’d already climbed and dragons I’d  faced. And,  how I had even  befriended many of those  dragons.  In between bouts of fear – I  pondered my friends words.  To shake off my angst, I decided to write a chronicle of all the dragons/challenges that  I’d faced in my  life thus far. The exercise  helped me realize that I was still standing and how much wisdom I had earned along the way. To often in times of change or challenge, we lend too much credibility to our fears and not enough to ourselves. When we are in worry or fear – we forget to give voice to the gifts from the roads that we have traveled before. The purpose of the journey is to  grow.  Our first challenge is to find our Faith in the seeming dark. From that point,  we  move forward to gain clarity; gather strength; develop tenacity; compassion;  and other tools for living.

As we embark upon the heroes journey  – let us remember that Change challenges us to “Be better than we think we are capable of”.  That is what heroes do – they reach beyond their expectations of  themselves – to find the Treasure within.   

These last months have been  intense but they have also held great potential and promise. Truths have been unearthed and we, at times, have felt shaken to the core.  These events  provide us the opportunity to look within and begin again. Some keys to moving forward:  Release judgment. Embrace your Light and your Shadow. Slow down your reactions.  Move from your Center.  Make quiet time for yourself to balance and recharge.  Allow yourselves to open up to Light and Love in a more conscious way. Consider this: breakdowns  many times bring breakthroughs. Our journey is supported in more ways than we know.

You are very much Loved!



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Happy Wesak! Celebrating the Buddha Full Moon of May 14th


Happy Wesak – today we celebrate the Buddha and his Enlightenment. Wesak is celebrated as the most powerful Full Moon of the year. It is said that Buddha and the Christ Consciousness return on this date to bring new Light to the world and to help us align with the Christ within.  We are reminded  that we are One with the Divine and with all of Life.

The timing of this moon is particularly important right now, as each of us are challenged to look deeper  at ourselves and the world. The wave of planetary changes has brought much to the surface to be assessed and balanced.  Collectively and individually, we struggle with conflicting desires – the desire to be safe and the desire to grow beyond what we are. We are also faced with two realities: Humanity’s power to destroy as well as our power to heal, transform, and transmute.  Which power shall we choose? Our choices have long term effects on all of Life. We share the same physical and spiritual eco-system with Earth.

The message of the Buddha Full Moon is to embrace the Light and the fullness of our Spiritual Being. We are urged to see the Truth in the fullness of this moon. Perhaps, we may come to realize that  we have allowed ourselves to become human doings (trapped in stuff, defined by stuff, and manipulated by the fear of not having enough stuff).  With that, the question now becomes not who stole my stuff but rather what have I allowed to steal  my very Being (my Soul).  This robbing of our essential selves has left us feeling empty – even depressed. Many of us are now beginning to recognize that nothing material can fill that void because it is our  Spirit/Soul  that requires nourishment. We  require spiritual, emotional, and physical sustenance in order to be whole. To recognize this is the beginning of Healing. This moon asks us to return to our Human Beingness – to exercise compassion with self and others. We are urged to practice loving kindness, forgive, look beyond our individual ego needs, walk gently upon Mother Earth, & to give gratitude. We are often blind to the gifts/beauty/love right before our eyes. It is only thru these practices that we find meaning & joy in our lives.

“We cultivate Love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known, and when we honor the Spiritual Connection that grows from that offering with trust, respect, kindness and affection. Love is not something we give or get; it is something that we nurture and grow, a connection that can only be cultivated between people when it exists within each one of them – we can only love others as much as we love ourselves.” ~ Brené Brown

In the Light of this most gracious moon, we are encouraged to re-examine the relationship that we have with ourselves and with the Divine. We are guided to forgive ourselves for believing in the lies of separation and lack and to see ourselves as Heaven does -  Eternally Loved, Loveable, and Worthy. How would your/our world change if you/we lived by that Truth?

May the Beauty & Light of this Buddha Full Moon illuminate your Path and the richness of your Soul!




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Pre-Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Energy Update, April 12 -14


Many of my clients have asked me to share a few words about the energy of April. Our sensitivities have been increasing since the Vernal Equinox and the Aries New Moon. The intensification of energies has thrown us off balance. I’ve been spending every morning outdoors to ground and recharge. I’ve also had periods of requiring deep sleep and some nights – I require only a few hours. Each of us will respond differently to the energy impulses. Ground yourself. There is a collective restlessness in the air and we must find a healthy outlet for the energy. Some people are acting out in imbalanced ways -  as evidenced by the recent violence’s reported by the news. Do not contribute to the current fear dynamic. What is going on is deeper and more profound than some would like us to know.

The current energy cycle is bringing our conflicting desires to the forefront – “the desire of the mind to simply do what we’ve been doing” and “the desire of the Soul that asks us to go deep so that we may grow”.  The Soul’s message for us is that it is time that we realize that we can no longer exist on the surface of things or skim over the buried emotions (subconscious drivers) that dominate how we interact in relationship and make the choices we make. These buried emotions/drivers cause us to  react to Life rather than be fully Present and responsive. This weekend, the energy intensity lightens a bit. The dynamic is still present but is more subtle. The purpose of this weekend is for us to breathe, self-adjust, and to look at the choices we are making. The period of  April 14 – April 29  will be felt in a much larger way. It would be important to “Ask your Soul what it requires”. Still your mind and  listen/feel what  your Soul has to share with you.  What have you been denying?  Afraid of letting go of? Or, of moving toward? Sit with these. Open up your heart and allow your Soul to speak. It whispers for us to grow. Any positive and long lasting change comes from the Soul/Heart. For many, the past is coming up in memories, dreams, or we may be reliving it in some aspect of our life.  These are interesting times of great potential. I feel that we can choose to use the energy to breakthrough  our individual self-created barriers and to collectively implement positive changes that benefit the citizens of Mother Earth.

Blessings on the Journey, my friends!


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Aries New Moon March 30th – Energy Update

fire moon

Within ourselves we all have the gifts and talents we need to fulfill the Purpose we’ve been
Blessed with. ~ Steve Maraboli 

The New Moon in Aries kicks off the astrological new year  and  is one of the years most powerful new moons. We are in a time of awakenings and new beginnings. This moon ushers in a period of revolutionary transformation. Aries is fire energy and it is never dull especially this Spring! All that we “thought we were” is being called to the forefront  so we may experience a deeper awareness of Truth and what our Potential is.  This requires some self-awareness and letting go.  For that, Aries lends us his Warrior Courage and his Faith. We have been led to believe that we are merely a body and an ego (needs). And, this untruth has been our primary mode of interacting with Life for thousands of  years. As of the last 3 years, humanity has been on a rather intense path of deprogramming. The way has not been smooth as the program has been passed down from generation to generation. In our collective fear/resistance, we sometimes try to recreate what “was”  because it is all that we have been led to believe is – reality. This moon and the month of April bring winds of change that encourage us to explore a  new way of Thinking, Being, and Living in the world.  It is Good!

Deep in our bones – each of us feel a call to change. The momentum has been building up for a while. Many of us feel it as an energy surges/slumps, a deep questioning of purpose, or restlessness that needs to express itself.  I am encouraged to ask you not to misunderstand this call by rushing to change the outer form of your life without thought. That is not a lasting change….merely a cosmetic one.  Real and lasting change occurs Within us first – Always!  It starts with self- reflection, a release of some sort, and moves to a change of heart/perspective that clears the way for positive and sustainable new beginnings.

This moon is potent. It asks that we dig deeper and get to the root of it!  Many of us think of new beginnings in a limited way. We focus on what we want to manifest in the physical. The Aries New Moon asks us to allow ourselves to Grow  and Go deeper.  The gift and challenge of Aries is – What do you put behind the words I am? Does it reflect your best and do your actions support this vision of yourself?  Powerful!  Think on these. Then, allow yourself to move forward a bit to future creation.  Reflect upon your new beginnings in this manner:  “Who do I aspire to Become?”  or  “ What kind of person do I aspire to Be?”.  Within those questions are the “Seed Qualities” or the foundation of anything that you Desire to Create.  Who you are is not separate from what you create. Your creations are a reflection of you.  Those questions may lead us to this last one:  “What do I need to change in order for me to Be the person that I aspire to be?”  Take note of what comes us and commit to that change.  It charges and reaffirms to the Universe – your aspirations. Then, plant your seeds/intentions with Love.  You and your Dreams are worthy of your time and attention.

We have been feeling the fiery energies of the Aries New Moon even before its arrival.  Its’ influence will last several days. The Aries Moon can prove to be potentially volatile if we are not self-aware. Emotions may run high. We may be on edge, over-react to situations, and words may be misunderstood.  Do not engage in senseless battles (imbalanced Aries). No one wins. Go outside, ground, meditate, or simply breathe instead. Use the impetus of this moon as fuel for your journey.  Aries fire is Holy Fire if we work with it properly.  It encourages us to align with the Light Warrior that resides within us. The Aries New Moon facilitates greater self-expression. It’s fire clears the way and its’ creative force nourishes the seeds of our highest aspirations.

May you Grow, Thrive, &  Live in Joy!




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Hope Springs Eternal courtesty of Josephine Wall

Hope Springs Eternal:  Josephine Wall

To See yourself and the world clearly – look thru the eyes of the Heart! ~ Diana

 “In short beautiful souls, we remind you to move from the Heart.  The rest of this year will be a higher vibrational continuation of the changes begun 18 months ago…. The rise of the Divine Feminine energies continues – many will emerge from the sleep of forgetfulness and awaken to Light. The challenges that you have seen thus far serve to dismantle the precepts and structures that have held Earths citizens back from cultivating a deeper Humanity – a Soul based way of living in harmony with all of Life. You, my children, are being ushered out of what you have been led to believe is Real -  into what is the True Reality. Those of you, and there are many awakening souls indeed, who focus upon holding steadfast in a Loving stance will greet/meet each change, even those that may be temporarily challenging -  as yet  another milestone in  Earth’s evolution. All of you are on the Hero’s journey. I smile as I say this – as you may not always feel like the hero in the world that has been created. Dorothy did not feel much of the hero either when facing the witch.  But, we know what happened to the witch.  Please remember, that there are a myriad of Light Beings helping, guiding, and holding the space of Love for each of you. We are committed to your/Earth’s journey – for it is not just your journey – it is ours. Please remember this, Dear Hearts: Love is based upon your ability to Trust in – Believe in – and Live in a reality beyond your the illusion that you see before you.  To trust – to continue to work & play towards your best Self is not merely fanciful thinking. There is a Greater Truth – a Greater Wisdom & Love interwoven in the fabric of your Lives. You are being lovingly guided. You are not alone. Remember, Grandmother Moon (Divine Feminine) and the stars illuminate your way in the dark night, physically and spiritually. And, we lovingly remind you that the Sun (Divine Masculine & the Christed Consciousness) is shining & present even when you cannot see it. Go gently into the world – go as Your True Self! You are Greater and more Beautiful than you Know.  And, we Love you dearly!”
~ Mother Mary and Kuan Yin, via Diana

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Leo Full Moon Update: Happy Valentine’s Day

moongoddessart courtesy: Megan Welti
Your task is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. ~ Rumi

Happy Valentine’s  Day!  The Leo Moon brings with it some emotional intensity as it dances with the Sun in Aquarius. I encourage you/us to trust the Process of Life and to accept Grace in whatever form she comes in. There is real growth happening – even if still below the surface.

This moon shines Light on how we relate to the world and how each of us handles differences. Other key aspects of this moon are self-expression, creativity, authenticity, freedom, and self-worth. Divine Mother asks us to contemplate this: How do we channel our passions? How do we Balance the needs of self and others -  our ego with our Hearts?  How do we share Love?  Do we feel that we are deserving? We are reminded that our roots are Love and that we are children of the Divine.. To Live that Knowing is to change everything!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Beloved Ones ~ Diana

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The Rose Within


Happy Valentine’s month everyone!  I share this beautiful parable of  Self Love and Love  with you:

A man planted a rose and watered it faithfully and before it blossomed, he examined it. He saw the bud that would soon blossom, but noticed thorns upon the stem and he thought, ‘How can any beautiful flower come from a plant burdened with so many sharp thorns?’  Saddened by this thought, he neglected to water the rose, and just before it was ready to bloom – it died. So it is with many people.

Within every Soul there is a rose. Many of us look at ourselves and see only the thorns, the defects and neglect to water the rose within us, and eventually it dies without realizing its Potential. Some people do not see the rose within themselves; someone else must show it to them. One of the greatest gifts a person can possess is to be able to reach past the thorns of another, and find the rose within them. Help others to realize they can overcome their challenges. If we show them the rose within themselves, they will conquer their thorns. Only then will they blossom many times over.  ~ Author Unknown

With Love,


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Lunar Rythmns: Cancer Full Moon, January 15, 2014

moon mamma


The Full Moon of Jan 15, 2014 falls in the sign of Cancer. The moon is associated with the Feminine, the element of water, intuition, dreams, and emotions.  Cancer  represents the Mother making this feminine full moon especially powerful.  She speaks to us of emotional nourishment and our desire to be at Home with ourselves and in the world. This is an auspicious message at the start of the New Year.  In what ways do we nurture ourselves? Our abilities? Are we at home in our lives?   The Cancer full moon also speaks  to us about our relationship with all of Life on Earth as well.   In what ways do we contribute to our communities and care for our planetary Home?  

This full moon asks that we cultivate a healthy relationship with ourselves by taking the time to sit with our Soul. I offer a few thoughts for contemplation: What are our Souls hungry for? What are our feelings telling us about ourselves? What truth are we avoiding surrendering too?  Whatever rises to the surface of our consciousness in response to these questions is a gift. Do not judge it or yourself.  This moon encourages us to seek out those areas in our lives that are out of balance, to examine them, and to act upon the changes that are required. Note: It may be helpful to this process to know that all healing begins with a change in perception. Soften your focus as you observe what comes up.   Allow yourself to look at the situation, your beliefs, or feelings from the open attitude of an explorer – as you embark upon the journey of self-understanding.

Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky… but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy ~ the experiences that make us the most vulnerable.  Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our Light. ~ Dr. Brene Brown

Generally, emotions  tend to run high around the full moon. This can manifest as hyper-sensitivity, aggressiveness, or insensitivity to the feelings of others. It is easy to get consumed in “our stories and feelings”. We sometimes forget that other people have feelings, worries, and lives too.  Slow down.  Spend quality time with yourself. Exercise discernment and compassion in your relationships. And, all will be well.

There is a bit of tension in this moon cycle. The Cancer Moon is sensitive. Her energies oppose the practical and business-like Capricorn Sun. There is an underlying message of Balance and Cooperation within this cycle. Each of us is asked to honor the gifts of the Feminine (Heart Wisdom etc…) and the Masculine (Head Wisdom etc…)  aspects of ourselves.  They are Divine equals in the dance of Creation and Re-creation. Both are complementary qualities that are necessary to manifest positive changes within ourselves and in our communities.

We are still integrating what we learned in 2013 about ourselves and our world. The next two weeks is a time of thoughtful inner work, learning new strategies for dealing with old issues, and rededicating ourselves to our values. Those willing to do the inner work will discover untapped potential and inner strength. Be open to learning, new experiences, teachers, and new allies. Trust that we are being guided to the next stage of our evolution.

Blessings on the Journey, my friends!


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Winter’s Beauty – A Meditation in the Joy of Stillness

enchanted nature 7

I’ve found that the beauty of the mid-winter season must be sought  much like our own Truth. Winter’s beauty can be found in the silent snow. Our Truth is discovered in the stillness of contemplation. Winter beckons us to journey within to reconnect to our true nature – our Divinity. If we are to fulfill our Soul promise and go the distance, we must answer that call. Contemplation/meditation allows us to slow down our doing mind so that we can see who we are and where we are going.

Meditative silence creates a space for us to receive Light and provides positive impetus to our life purpose and dreams. The miracle of Life reveals itself when we stop to deepen the relationship that we have with Ourselves. Contemplative practice is an act of inner seeing, communion, and true intimacy. Within it, we rediscover our connection to the Infinite Presence of God. Without this connection, we create struggle (wasted doing) and feel apart from ourselves and others. The seed of true intimacy and right creation is within us all.

I offer  this simple meditative process to help you to reconnect to your Truth:

  • Create a quiet space for yourself – away from any distraction. Some people bless the space, use incense, or play music. It is up to you. Mentally release the day. You deserve this time.
  • Sit in a position that you can comfortably hold for 10 – 20 mins. Surround yourself in Divine Light. (white or blue/white)
  •  Become aware of your breathing. Do not restrict or control it. Allow your breath to flow effortlessly. Notice the feeling of release (cleansing) and inhaling (nurturing) Relax. Observe the breath.
  • Some people find that focusing upon a simple mantra like “so hum” or “om” deepens the process and gives then a focus. Others prefer silence. And, others find that focusing upon a candle flame relaxes their eyes and deepens the experience.
  • This breathing meditation quiets the mind and balances the energy centers. If your mind drifts, simply return your attention to the breath.
  • When you are ready to stop, do so slowly. Stretch, inhale and exhale deeply, now rise  slowly. Ground yourself. Sip some water.
  • Check in with your body. How do you feel afterwards?

At first, you may only be able to maintain 5-6 mins. The quality of your practice will improve with time.  Be patient. You will find that you are more relaxed, grounded, and think more clearly. Some use this practice to start the day. Others find it a wonderful release of the day. Try your practice at both times to find your best  rhythm.

Allow yourself 7 -12 days to get comfortable with this process. Be patient with yourself. After about 2 weeks, start to write down any thoughts that come to you after you exit the meditation. Don’t force it.  Allow. Contemplation is a practice of reconnection. Much healing goes unnoticed. Trust that you are building a platform of relationship with your Higher Self.

I hope that this article inspires you to give yourself the gift of time and quiet contemplation. May this beautiful practice become a new habit and a vehicle for your well-being and self- transformation.



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Gemini Full Moon Update – Dec 17, 2013



Happy Gemini Full Moon everyone!  This full moon illuminates aspects of ourselves or our lives that we are not generally conscious of.  This can be both liberating and disconcerting so breathe. Resist the urge to resist,  to judge self & others, or hide from your emotions. To best work with the energies of this rather active and revealing full moon – take the time to honestly look at yourself, your life, and beliefs. Try this:  Ask the “New You” that wants to grow what they require in order to do so? This will be something that he or she requires from you. Ask the “Old You” what she or he requires from you in order to move on and grow? It may be forgiveness, or a release of a behavior/belief  that is not serving you, or to feel safe enough/loved enough by you to change.  Sit with these. Honor what comes up.  Follow through on them.  Gemini Moons illuminate the duality within our own Nature (light & shadow) Our dreams may be processing or healing dreams…they may reveal to us the area that is out of balance or other important messages from our Unconscious. This moon teaches us  to honor both our shadow and our Light -  to step up and make the changes that serve our Good. The messages shared in my Dec newsletter (link below) further clarify the gifts of this important and changeable period before the New Year. I encourage you to read and share. Thanks my friends! Be Well!


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